My outfit: Feeling like a Nerd!

Okay, this must be my first Outfit Post ever!!!
I don't know if you girls are really interested in what I'm wearing but I just couldn't keep this outfit for myself.
This is one of my favorites: waist skirt with retro collar shirt in it.
Due to the awfull weather I had to wear a cardi on top of it and immediately it made me think of a nerdy high school outfit. :)
 But it still looks cute don't you think?

And off course: don't forget the Nerdy Glasses to make the look complete!


Skirt: H&M
Retro collar shirt: NafNaf
Cardi: Chuti @ Louise

Glasses: New Look

Bisous, Shari


Baking Cookies?!?

My oh My, I must be the worst Blogger in the world. I really need to share more with you guys (well, girls actually). BUT I've got very acceptable excuses:
1) I just don't have that much to tell because my life is pretty boring  :)
2) And when things do happen in my life, I'm not sure if you really want to hear about it
3) I'm also a creative messy head: 
I put so much things in my head that I can do or make and that means COMPLETE CHAOS!!
How many necklaces I have that are just half completed!!
So now, I got myself busy for a couple of weeks with baking cookies.
Not real cookies, but bracelets and earring cookies!! :)
And because I'm such a perfectionist on that area it took me a while before completing!
But now I can show you with pride my newest designs (with some help from the Cookie factory LU) :)

It all starts with this...
..after a while you will get the right colours..

..then create a design...

..bake it in the oven on 110°C for 30 minutes..

.. and Tadaaaa: Cookie bracelet and Cookie earrings!!!

Show me your creations!!

Bisous, Shari