Yes, we Cannes!

The Festival of Cannes is all about new movies coming out,
but for me it's all about the DRESSES! :)
Here are some personal favorites of mine:

Vanessa Hudgens

Rachel McAdams

Sarah Jessica Parker

Alexa Chung

Angelina Jolie

Kirsten Dunst

Uma Thurman

Jude Law  ;)

Bisous, Shari

Bron foto's: www.hln.be  


Le Sandwich BLT

When I'm going to Paris,I always go to the same 'Bistro' for the same dish: Le sandwich BLT.
It's a triple (!) tosti with cheddar,bacon,tomatoes,lettuce and this amazing sauce that just makes it complete.
Now I'm feeling kind of 'Parisienne' today, so I thought why not try it myself?
And tadaaaaa....Doesn't it look great?

Bon App├ętit! ;)